Family Preservation Services

The purpose of this service is to be an extension of Family and Children Services in North Idaho, coming alongside the parent or caregiver to help families learn and demonstrate knowledge of basic living skills necessary to maintain a safe home environment conducive to proper child development.

This Program provides short-term, time-limited (3-5 hours per week) services based on the needs, concerns and stressors of the child and the family, and addresses the risks identified in the Department’s strengths and risks assessments.

What we offer

Family Preservation Services include a diverse range of services based on the needs, concerns and/or stressors identified by the Department and the family. These include:

  1. Communication and negotiation skill building services
  2. Parenting education and child development skills training services
  3. Problem solving and stress management services
  4. Home management and nutrition education service
  5. Job readiness, life skills training
  6. Behavior Management/Modification services – both children and/or parents
  7. Financial/money management and budgeting skills
  8. Accessing community resources to provide for a safer environment for your child          


About your Parental Aide

The Parental Aide who will be working with you has been selected to the best fit for you and your needs. She is experienced with family systems and has first-hand knowledge of how to work with the needs of various families.  

Your Parental Aide will keep in contact with your case manager to discuss your progress and make any adjustments that may be needed to help you reach your goals.

How to Receive Services

Speak with your Idaho Department of Health and Welfare case worker about receiving this service. If your case worker determines that it would be a benefit to you and your children a referral will be made on your behalf.

Once the services have been approved and we receive the referral from your case worker, our clinical supervisor will contact you and set up an initial appointment to assess your needs and discuss the goals you have for your family.

After that your Parental Aide will meet with you to develop a personalized plan to help you reach those goals.